We are honored and thrilled to announce that our Sanctifino perfume oil has won the 2021 Beauty Shortlist Editor's Choice Award in the wellbeing category!

Our perfume oil is multi-functional and serves as aromatherapy and a meditation aid as well to bring one an overall sense of well-being.

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We've partnered up with MENSET, a digital magazine looking to break through the stigmas around mental health issues and bring advice and inspiring content to help support men through challenges and adversity.

One's mental health is part of one's spiritual health and directly tied to one's emotional health. All of this effects one's outward success and happiness in life.

As scent has the ability to shift one's emotional and mental state we hope that our fragrances will be used not just as cosmetic enjoyment but also as a tool help one work with their inner-selves and overcome such issues.

We are honored and proud to be part of the MENSET community to bring awareness to the issues around mental health and well-being.

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