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Ancient Origins

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The Art of Perfumery Honoring Ancient Roots

In ancient times the experience of nature was imbued in both spiritual and secular life. Art was an expression of the divine unveiling itself through the everyday world. Perfumery was one of those arts which was beautiful as it was centuries ago. By crafting our perfumes with the same natural materials that were used in ancient times we seek to capture the reverie that our ancestors held for the elements and of soul of the earth.

Incensum Fragrances is an avant-garde line of original fragrance oils crafted by hand and infused with the life force of its primordial elements.

The intent of Incensum Fragrances is to reconnect the wearer with the purity and depth of beauty that can only come from the brilliancy of nature itself.

Our mission, through these rich scents of nature, is to diffuse the ethereal essence of the universe, explore the imagination and give it expression in our everyday world.

Gradient background with light in the center


We often gaze upon what we believe to be untouched natural beauty when in fact it has been carefully cultivated by a seemingly invisible hand. Nature bestows beauty like no other and when the wild is tamed into a refined state, a harmonious commune unfolds between us and these magnificent living works of art. Only through the art of perfumery are we able to get so close to the captivating aromatic essence of plants as to be one with them.

The experience of nature has a transformative effect and the molecules that make up a fragrance are the invisible hands cultivating that transformation. The aromatic oils that plants produce are in alignment with the nature of the universe and have a soul of their own. Incensum Fragrances believes that nature exudes a vibrational sense of well-being that synthetic or animal-derived ingredients do not.

Incensum Fragrances is a botanical perfume line made of strictly high-quality plant-based ingredients. Thus, these perfumes are super natural.

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Botanical Artistry

White Peony flower close-up

Crafting Our Art

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Small Batch

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