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Esoteric Elements




The Celestial Sphere


Heightened Awareness,

Seeing from a higher perspective


Terrestrial Form


Sanctify & Refine

Esoteric Elements


Represents enlightenment, like a ring of light encircling the sun and often depicted in paintings of saints.

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Represents the celestial sphere (the heavens).


A common architectural feature which enables one to see from a higher perspective and a wider view-point. This represents the ability to perceive the world from a place of higher awareness/consciousness.


Derived from a Greek word meaning reason. Philosophically it alludes to the reason for being, the nature of existence. The name of the perfume, Sanctifino, is a play on words combining 'sanctify' and the Italian word 'fino' suggesting the state of being refined. These qualities are the process of spiritual evolution.


Pertains to the bottle itself and represents being encapsulated in physical form. The square shape reflects the "four corners of the earth".

About the Bottle

The bottle starting from the bottom and rising all the way up to the top represents a spiritual journey. The one in which every mystical initiate undergoes in which their existence begins with a manifestation into the dense earthly world, continuously works to refine the soul, then progresses in the path of higher consciousness and eventually reaches an enlightened state. 

Fine Fragrances meets Fine Jewelry


Our "Halo Top" cap decor is impeccably hand-crafted from solid brass by a local artisan jeweler. Custom-made exclusively for our Sanctifino bottle, this characteristic ornament is truly an original piece of fine art.

The unique design by Incensum Fragrances incorporates esoteric elements that reflects arcane wisdom from centuries of teachings and refined intuition.

Exclusively Ours

Our Sanctifino "Halo Top" full size bottle is sold exclusively by Incensum Fragrances, directly through our online store and in person at our events.


Imagine walking into a sacred temple  rich with scent infusing the senses. The first impression is the subtle smokiness of incense burning in the background. Shining light reflected off gold and silver ceremonial objects not only catches your eye but also comes alive to allow you to discern the often unnoticed scent of metal as the heat from the sun warms them up. As the incense burns longer the deeper notes come through to unveil the uplifting aura of clary sage and the hint of sweet citrus giving off a touch of regality. You find yourself elevating up to the realm of the divine.

The gods were said to exude fragrant scents all their own which marked their divine essence and hinted at their presence when visiting the earthly realm below their kingdom in the heavens. As a volte-face the ethereal scent of Sanctifino distills the inner divine nature carried within our mortal forms and lifts one up to the realm of the gods. 


Incense  Metal  Citrus


Galbanum, Clary Sage, Silver Fir

Sweet Orange, Siberian Fir, Myrrh, Labdanum

Scent Description:


Sanctifino captures the sacred infusion of spirit into matter. It is a call to anoint our earthly forms and reactivate the essence of divinity that is carried within. An uplifting scent of citrus and metallic notes with an ambiance that is semi-sweet and slightly smoky. Sanctifino reflects the axiom of "as above, so below".

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