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The World of Incensum Fragrances

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The origins of the word perfume, the latin per fumum, essentially means "through smoke". It was this smoke, the fumes that ascended from the burning of aromatic materials, that acted as the carrier to deliver our messages to and from the gods of the times. Even in the common era and with the passing of paradigms, the essential nature of fragrant substances still holds its effect. Like a gentle touch felt in our subtle bodies, fragrances cause a shift to take place which radiates all around us. The sacredness of this connection between ourselves and the ethereal plane through these aromatic substances can continue to be honored through our intent to let the wonder of this world forever inspire us.

Perfume as a force of Nature

Forces of nature are considered to be natural phenomenons that over-power us. These could come in the form of turbulent winds, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and hurricanes. The ancients believed that the gods were showing their hands through the elements. What they all have at their core is the ability to cause seemingly spontaneous and dramatic shifts in any forms of life that fall in their path. Many of these powerful forces are spurred from unseen events below the surface of the earth. In the same breath, scent has the ability to act as a powerful force that comes over us and cause stirrings from deep within to rise up and cause transformations in the emotions and consciousness of anyone that lies in the wake of the scents path. Scent is a powerful force on an individual scale and has been used as such for centuries. We can harness this power at the touch of a fingertip through the evocative yet mysterious instrument of fragrance.


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